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5 eCommerce Features You Should Include on Your Website

If you’re an online merchant, chances are good that you have an eCommerce website where you sell your products or services to customers around the world. However, if you’re not aware of these five features you should have on your website, there could be some lost sales happening—potentially even some lost sales happening right now! Use this guide to learn about the top eCommerce features you should have on your website and why they’re so important to your success as an online business owner!

1) Live Chat

Live chat is a feature that has become quite popular over the last few years. Customers love being able to interact with businesses in real-time and help them purchase items, answer questions, or troubleshoot problems. Since many visitors are looking for instant gratification and someone to talk to when there is an issue or question, live chat often gets their attention. Using a chat widget on your website can not only attract more customers but also keep them coming back for more. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hiring customer service reps because it’s all done by staff who work from home.

2) Product Reviews

Reviews provide shoppers with valuable information about the products they are considering. Reviewed products are found in both physical and online stores, providing a balance of reviews for consumers. Reviews offer consumers insight into the product without needing to purchase or experience it themselves. Reviews also provide potential consumers with feedback from people who have actually purchased the product. The reviews allow them to get an idea of what the product is like before they buy it.

The best reviews go beyond just a summary and include specific details as well as pros and cons so that readers can make an informed decision. They should also be honest and include any drawbacks or negatives about the product. With good reviews, you’ll likely see more customers coming to your website because they feel confident in their purchase decisions. More visitors will mean more purchases, which will lead to higher revenues. After all, if someone spends money on your website once, there’s a chance they might do it again! It’s important to keep these reviews updated regularly.

If a customer takes the time to write a review for your company, then you owe it to them to respond and let them know how much you appreciate their input. Many websites incentivize people by offering discounts or free shipping in exchange for leaving feedback.

3) Mobile Version of Site

Your eCommerce site should have a mobile-optimized version so that shoppers can easily browse for and purchase items from your site. The Responsive Web Design can accommodate a variety of screen sizes, eliminating the need to develop a separate app for your site. Plus, this will cut down development costs and give you more time to work on marketing your site and building relationships with buyers.

Furthermore, many potential customers are using their mobile devices to shop online. One-third of people who use the internet say they do it most often on their phones or tablets. If your website isn’t optimized for these devices then you’re missing out on business!

4) Secure Payment Option

Integrated Payment Gateway Solutions are the number one option for secure transactions and peace of mind. We offer secure payment options for all of our customers so that you can get your products out in front of people who want them most. Our solution has a 99% success rate when it comes to processing payments. With us, you won’t have to worry about fraudulent payments or chargebacks, which means more time for you to focus on growing your business! More time focused on your products instead of trying to keep up with fraud protection.

It’s easy too, our system is an automated payment process that doesn’t require any physical card swipes – no waiting in line at the register! Plus, it’s been proven that consumers tend to spend more online than they would in person. Why not capitalize on this? By allowing your customers to purchase items through your website without leaving their homes you’re saving yourself both time and money as well as providing security for those looking to make purchases from their smartphones or tablets.

Now is the perfect time to integrate a payment gateway into your website design, contact us today! We offer merchant account solutions including a set-up fee and monthly minimums to accommodate your budget needs. Contact us today if you’re interested in setting up your merchant account, we’ll be happy to help you every step of the way!

5) Delivery Policy

You should include a delivery policy page on your website so that people know what the fees and timetables are, as well as where they can make a return. Many websites will also offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount or deliver internationally, but it is important to keep in mind that these factors may change depending on the business model. There’s nothing worse than ordering something online only to find out you’re responsible for paying international customs charges after waiting weeks for the package to arrive.

Thankfully, there are many eCommerce web design companies in the UK who have specialized teams to handle these logistics for you! 

A good designer can provide you with an overview of all the features your site needs and give expert advice on how best to include them. For example, if you sell clothing, consider including a sizing chart that links out to additional information about care instructions and any special features like UPF sun protection or wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Most importantly, be sure to check whether or not your chosen company offers mobile responsive designs – meaning that regardless of the device being used, the customer has access to all of your products and shopping cart contents. If this isn’t available, you might want to reconsider another company.


To sum up, there are many tools and features you can incorporate into your website to improve conversion rates and keep your customers satisfied. Take some time to consider what best suits your product or service and work with an eCommerce web design company in the UK to implement these features. If you still need help, we’re always here to lend a hand! We’ll create a personalized plan for your business that will meet all of your needs and goals. Contact us today!


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