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10 essential tips for moving furniture

Moving is a stressful event that requires a lot of planning and organizing. Moving can be a frustrating and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be a bad one. Here are 10 essential tips for moving furniture:

  1. Plan ahead: To stay on track, create a moving schedule and a week-by-week moving checklist. It may appear to be excessive, but moving is a major undertaking with numerous details to keep track of. Make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute to get things started.
  2. Don’t rush it: Moving day takes a long time. Don’t make too many plans for your moving day. The move may take longer than expected for a variety of reasons, and you will be exhausted between getting everything ready for the move and then unpacking and settling into your new home.
  3. Declutter: Go through each room and make piles of things to get rid of and things to give away. Nobody wants to move into a new house that is cluttered. To make some extra money, donate the items or hold a yard sale. You can also save money by calling your movers less frequently- less stuff means fewer boxes to move!
  4. Conduct your research: The most important moving tip we can give is to conduct thorough research on the movers you are considering. Nothing is more frustrating than having a bad moving experience or having your belongings damaged during a move due to unprofessional or inexperienced movers.
  5. Don’t put off packing for too long: Packing should never be put off. We understand that it is unpleasant, but the longer you wait, the worse it will become. Begin by packing up items you don’t use as frequently or seasonal items you aren’t using right now.
  6. Make a record of everything: Ensure that you make a record of everything that you are moving. You’ll want to know exactly what you’re being charged for, whether via email or printed receipt, to avoid any unnecessary confusion or surprises.
  7. Recognize your insurance and payment policies: It is critical to comprehend your moving requirements. What is the cancellation or change policy for moving days? Is a non-refundable deposit required by your mover to secure your move? These and other questions must be answered before your movers arrive and begin the job.
  8. Change your mailing address: Make sure to notify all companies that use your billing address that you are moving. You can notify the post office by completing a change of address form on their website. But many memberships and subscriptions will require you to call or login to your account in order to change your address and continue receiving proper information.
  9. Make aesthetic changes to your new home before moving in: It’s always easier to paint and make other home improvements before adding furniture and other belongings. If you are able to move into your new home before moving day, make sure that your list is completed before bringing in all of your belongings.
  10. Be present on moving day: Your movers will almost certainly have questions for you about what is going in the truck versus what is going in your car. As well as where to put boxes and furniture once you arrive at your new home. Make the process easier and faster by being present when your movers are working.

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